We are a happy family of 5.  We have 3 beautiful girls ages 13, 11, and 8.  Our 2 year old son in heaven, is precious to us, and we dearly miss him.  We lost him due to heart complications.  Now, we feel God is calling us to adopt! He has led our hearts to know that there IS a baby boy out there who needs us!  We already love him so much, and we can't let him down.  We are very excited to begin this journey together.  We have been married for 15 years, and have known each other since we were 3.  We built our home in 2008, and we are surrounded by pasture land, cows, and "the country life".  We are Christians, and promise to raise our new little one with our beliefs, values, and morals.  We have plenty of room to play outside, and he will have his own bedroom.  We have large extended families, and he will have many cousins and aunts and uncles to love him.

Heath Low

Heath is a wonderful husband and father.  He works in construction, likes to spend time with our dogs, and loves working cows.  He is a large machine operator at work, and a great fence builder.  He completed 1 year of college, but decided he liked the "outside" type of work better than the classrooms.  He loves snow skiing, grilling outside, going to the beach, cattle ranching, and watching movies.  His favorite drink is sweet tea, and he loves Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire on television.

Lisa Low

Lisa is a lovely wife and mother.  She is a teacher for grades Pre-4th.  She enjoys being around children, and loves spending time with the family.  She makes a nice homemade meal everynight, keeps our house clean and organized, and she loves scrapbooking.  Her favorite vacation is a trip to the beach, and she loves coconut shrimp.  She has decorated our home beautifully, and she loves spending time with all of us watching movies at night with popcorn and cozy blankets.  She likes shopping, cake, and writing stories.  She teaches 2 classes for the little ones in our church each week, and she likes old re-runs.