Robert and I met in the mountains of Wyoming on a ski trip gathering of mutual friends.  Our group of mutual friends, 15 total flew in from different states to enjoy the outdoors and have fun together.  It wasn't long before Robert came by to say hello, and our long weekend skiing with our friends created memories that lasted to this day.

Our friendship grew into a happy union in 2010, when we married on the day we met on the slopes of Wyoming.


Robert was born in Idaho and enjoyed his college years in the area of international studies .  He works as an Senior Analyst for the Federal Government.  He enjoys reading, music, the great outdoors, skiing and soccer.  

Robert is a great guy.  He is active and would love to go camping and hiking any chance he gets... he really is an outdoors fella, fun-loving, and has a witty sense of humor.   He loves his soccer and enjoys sports.  He enjoys travel and sharing interests with friends and family.         

As a husband, Robert has a calm demenor and is incredibly patient, giving, and laid back. He makes every effort to keep family and friends close and connected since he live in the east coast.  He is family-oriented, emotionally and spiritually strong, and has a good head on his shoulders.   He is supportive and guides me in my role as a business women, wife, and is my best-friend.  We are a solid team together.  He is a wonderful husband and I can see him as a great dad for our kids!  


I grew up in a small town in Ohio.  And left the small town when I headed off to college in Maryland.  I worked 2 jobs to pay for my graduate school and established my own business shortly after graduating.   I have built my practice in helping clients with their budget and finances.   It's been hard work and have joyed seeing my personal and professional growth.  Self-employment allows me the flexibiliy to be able to pursuit skills in cooking, being creative with artwork and enjoy travel and regular pool side with family and friends.  I really like to read and spends a lot of time cooking, baking, and creating memories for our family.  My husband and I are loving, caring, honest, and kind people.  I've always felt like we would be fantastic parents, providing guidance, love and attention to our children, and help teach them how to be authentic and true to themselves.