We have tremendous respect for the love and courage that it takes to consider adoption for your baby. We know that you have many options, and inumerable things to consider in making this decision. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

Our Decision

For many adoptive parents, adoption is a last resort, after dealing with infertility. For us, it is our first, and only choice. By virtue of Joe's having been adopted when he was 10 weeks old, it is both a calling and a family tradition! We will provide your child with unconditional love and nurturing, the embrace of an extended family and friends, and access to the best educational opportunities for his or her interests. We will provide financial security, and a stable and loving home where we will also care for his or her social, emotional, and spiritual needs, while offering unconditional support and acceptance. We also believe in openness and honesty with children: your child will always know the beautiful story of how we became a family through adoption, and what a loving and courageous woman did to bring us together.

Our Story

We met nearly 10 years ago through mutual friends and the alumni community at Georgetown University. While she is very healthy now, Tracy was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005, and the disease was initially very aggressive. After she graduated from college she became too sick to pursue her career or graduate school for nearly 6 years, so when she had recovered, she reached out to Joe, who had founded Just Consulting, an international human rights and religious freedom firm in 2009. She started working with him in August of 2013, and within weeks of working together we were falling in love!

Almost 4 years later, we still work side-by-side, having expanded our horizons. We got married in 2016 and are truly a team in every aspect of our lives, and that partnership grows everyday out of the immense love, respect, and admiration that we have for each other. We have both always wanted children, but we never realized just how amazing that journey would be by getting to be parents together.

Our Promise and Parenting

We promise that your child will lead a loving and adventurous life. We can’t wait to take baby with us to our favorite beach on a family vacations, to introduce baby to our entire extended family, with whom we can spend time in cities and on farms, and to stroll through Alexandria, play in the parks, explore the trails, and walk along the river into Washington, DC. Your child will grow up playing with our dog and cats, playing on playgrounds and in (very safe) wooded parks, and also going to outdoor concerts and our many kid-friendly museums, including the National Zoo!

We love having friends from all different backgrounds, of different faith traditions, races, and ethnicities, so that your child will be surrounded by amazing men, women, and children and their many beautiful cultures. Grounding baby in our Jesuit Catholic faith and attending weekly Mass is very important to us, but we also want to foster love and respect for all people, and to pass on our deeply held values of compassion, acceptance, social justice, and kindness.

Your child will always be the most important part of our lives. Tracy is going to stay at home for at least the first year of baby’s life, and then will have the flexibility to work part-time and from home. Living within walking distance of our offices means that Tracy and baby can drop in regularly, and even have daily lunches with Joe so that he gets far more time with baby than most dads. The vibrant neighborhood is filled with young families looking forward to playdates and playgroups, and has countless activities that we will use to foster your child’s development and interests.


We are hoping to adopt a newborn or infant boy or girl of any race or ethnicity, and we would welcome twins!

We are comfortable with either a closed or a semi-open adoption.

Details: We hope to create a level of opennes that is comfortable for all of us. It is important to us for the emotional stability and wellness of your child that we not have regular correspondence or in-person-contact until your child requests it.  We would be happy to send you twice-annual pictures, along with updates on your child's life. However, all of this will depend on your wishes, circumstances, and the details of our relationship.

Medical Records: It is incredibly important to your child's health that we have your and his/her father's medical history (both physical and psychological), including the familes' medical history, and your and the father's history of drug use. We will absolutely not pass any judgement, but it is important that we know what conditions or illnesses your child might be pre-disposed to so that, with our pediatrician, we can take all of the steps possible to ensure your child's optimal health. 



Tracy Grieboski

Tracy was born in Williamsburg, Virginia... Much more to come!

Joe Grieboski

Joe was adopted in Scranton, Pennsylvania when he was 10 weeks old... Much more to come!