Hello!! We are Dan and Missy. Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We are a married couple who have a strong sense of family and a deep affection for our two dogs. Our fifteen years together have been an adventure, full of fun and laughter. We love to travel, and have seen some of the most beautiful places in the world. Though we enjoy couch surfing as much as anyone, we are much more likely to be outdoors hiking or exploring with our pups. We cannot wait to share all the things that we love with a child. Of all that we do, being with our families, and watching them grow, is by far our favorite. Over the course of our time together, we have had the pleasure of seeing siblings bring six amazing children into the family, two of them through the miracle of adoption. Nothing would make us happier than to become parents and share an overabundance of love with one more beloved child.

We were introduced to each other by mutual friends in early 2002. We spent most of that evening talking to each other, and had such a great connection that we exchanged numbers before we went home. One short week later we went on our first date and never looked back. We are both big Chicago White Sox fans and so a very special bond was formed over baseball season. We had so much fun that first summer, an honest and respectful friendship was born. After that it was very easy and natural to fall in love. We were married in September of 2008 after spending five and a half years together. We share a love of sports, music, roller coasters and sushi. When we travel for work or play, we always try to fit in a game or a concert if we can. We live just a few miles away from one of the state’s best outdoor concert venues and have a tradition with our friends to cookout at our house before we all see Zac Brown each summer. A strong point in our relationship is that we never stay mad at each other for long and when we do disagree or fight, we do it fairly. We don’t say or do things that serve no other purpose than being hurtful. So many things have been learned in our fifteen years, most important is that tomorrow is not promised so we make the best of every day and know that there is nothing that we can’t get through together. 


Missy about Dan


Dan is the love of my life, my cheerleader and my best friend. He is protective, loyal and kind and loves my family as much as I do. He is smart and witty and makes me laugh every day. Every sport matters and having grown up in northwest Indiana his heart belongs to Chicago. Maybe not the Cubs but GO BEARS! (I’m a Colts fan:)The Bears only face the Colts once every four years and oh boy do we like to heckle each other. Dan’s exterior is tough and solid but inside he’s soft and fuzzy. I love that when he spends time with our nieces and nephews, they really light up. He would do anything to make them happy. When I think of him as a father, my heart is absolutely filled with joy. Dan is going to be a such a great dad, I can’t wait to see it. He will teach a child to be kind and compassionate. He will encourage them to treat others well while maintaining a healthy sense of self. Dan enjoys being active and I picture him taking every opportunity to pass that along. There is truly no one else in the world who I would be so excited to parent with. Dan is without question, the best man I’ve ever known.


Dan about Missy


Missy is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine sharing my life with anyone else. I felt comfortable around her instantly and we’ve been together exclusively since we met. Her passions include animals, shoes, fashion and reading. She really loves animals, especially dogs, and is a regular volunteer at a few different rescues. With her, family comes first and she would do anything for our many nieces and nephews. The girls love to come over and play dress up in Aunt Missy’s closet and play dance party on the Xbox with her. Recently she helped my niece get ready for prom because her mother had to be out of town for work and couldn’t be there.  She has been labeled the favorite aunt on both sides of our families

She is extremely intelligent and always keeps me on my toes. When she finds something she is passionate about she locks in and does her absolute very best. She completed a Bachelor’s degree from Marian University, with a GPA of 3.71 and graduated with high honors and I am so very proud of her. She has worked in banking and finance and naturally, keeps our family finances in order. Missy is going to be a wonderful Mother, her heart is full of love and compassion and she will make sure that your child will be brought up with the same qualities. I can’t wait for the blessing of being able to parent with her.