We met in the fall of 2009 at church.  While we both felt a spark, the timing didn't line up until February 2011.  When we finally found ourselves in the same place there was really no question that we were meant to be together.  It took all of 5 months for us to get engaged and on June 23, 2012 we were married, surrounded by our family and friends.  Our relationship is successful because we put God at the center and from there the love and trust overflows into our marriage.  Our personalities balance each other out.  We lift each other in our weaknesses and we celebrate each other's strengths.  We are so excited to become parents and will raise our children with the values that are most important to us:  open-mindness, honesty, family, kindness, respect, education, integrity, and grace.

We find so much joy in each other's company.  We love having dinner every night together, we love to travel and explore new places, we love to learn new things, snuggling on the couch with our pups and a movie, and playing board games on a rainy or snowy day.  We believe that humans thrive most in community.  We value quality time spent with others, whether that is our loving parents and siblings, our supportive friends, or our church family.  We cannot wait to share these experiences and people with a child.

Jeff K

What Dani says about Jeff...
Jeff is the most amazing human I know.  He's my favorite person to not only go adventures with, but to sit on the couch in silence or cry with. Jeff can make anyone feel comfortable.  He is a caretaker and will do whatever he can for his family.  He is silly, has some of the best dance moves, and makes me laugh every day.  You can find Jeff in the kitchen listening to music making delicious Polish food that he learned from his Pap.  At family gatherings, he is playing on the floor with our niece and nephew or talking with my teenage cousins about life.  Our nephew Archer lights up each time Jeff comes into the room.  He is going to a fantastic father, with his patient and gentle attitude.  When you're with Jeff you know that he is invested in you and values who you are.

Dani K

What Jeff says about Dani...
Dani is straight forward, and she highly values honesty and integrity.  Dani loves her family and friends deeply, and it shows in the way that she cares for them. She loves all human beings passionately and she is the perfect compliment to my personality so that we can both be the best versions of ourselves as a couple and as parents.  You can often find Dani at the piano bench singing and playing, which is one my favorite things to listen to. She is the life of the party, cracking jokes and making people laugh.  Life is never boring with her.  I love to watch her play with our niece, Charlotte and our nephew, Archer.  When all the adults are talking you can usually find her playing with the children.  Dani is always ready to try something new and is ready for the next adventure.