Hello. We are James and Mara, a married couple from New York with two adopted children.  Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us as you explore your options for your child.   We know that you have many choices, and we thought it would be helpful to provide you with a little bit about who we are and the kind of life that we could provide for your child. The most  important thing we can tell you is that we both come from close knit families who are eager to welcome another child into their hearts. Both of our families, are a melting pot made of many different ethnic cultures and backgrounds.  We also live in a very diverse community. We are confident that a child from any background would be warmly welcomed into our lives and accepted for who they are.

 While it is impossible for us to know exactly what you are feeling as you make such an important decision, we want you to know that adoption is what created our family and both us and our children are eager to welcome another child into our happy home.  We believe our personal experiences with adoption will help us to better understand what you’re going through. We would love to learn more about you, and hope you feel the same way about us after reading this.



Call or text us anytime: (646)503-7044


.  James has a genuine love of life and people. Even the people working for him relate to him as a friend and respect him as an honest and loyal boss. James believes that life is a gift to be enjoyed to its fullest. With him every day is special. James is caring and compassionate and he’s always ready to help anyone who asks for it. No request is too big or small. James has always loved children and is able to channel his inner child to relate to them better than anyone I’ve ever known.  James always enjoys being a part of the life of any child in his family - from his  nephew to his  sixth cousin.   James is honest, hardworking and diligent in everything he does. As his wife I couldn’t have picked a better husband. The same qualities that have made him a wonderful husband, son, uncle, cousin, friend and colleague are the ones that have made him an amazing father to Luke and Elizabeth.  He is excited and looking forward to adding another child to love into our lives.


Mara’s professional and personal life is built around helping people. Whether it is has been in her career as an Paramedic, her last 5 years as a mother or the way she helps her friends and family through  the challenges  life brings their way, Mara is always there for those  who need her. Because of the love she has to share, Mara is extremely close with her family and she remains close with her friends from childhood.  She simply has an enormous capacity for love and I look forward to seeing her  share that love with another child.  She is looking forward to continuing her role as a stay at home mother for some time with our newest child in their earliest years of life.