Hello! We are Kevin, Kimberly, and David, and we are so pleased to introduce our family to you. The three of us are beyond excited to add a new baby to our lives, and it means a lot that adoption can give us that gift. Thank you in advance for taking the time to get to know us, and we hope to speak with you soon.

We met in college in North Carolina, in astronomy class. It's cheesy but true that our first hug was while looking up at the stars! We had a few classes together, started dating, and when we graduated, we moved to California. A few years later we got engaged and were married in 2008.  Now we own a home in northwest California, and Kevin's parents live just a few minutes down the road. Papa and Nana are a big part of our lives; we see them almost every day.

Kevin is 41 and was born and raised in California. He attended college in North Carolina, where he got his B.A. in Sociology and Human and Community Service; now he's project engineer and foreman for a large construction company in our area. Kimberly, who is 36, was born and raised in Michigan. She has a good job with a local utility company, and while ideally she'd prefer to be a stay-at-home mom, it is a good fit for her. Her parents and sister live in South Carolina, and we all enjoy our yearly visits with Grandma and Grandpa at the beach.

We are eight houses away from the school David attends, and everything about our neighborhood is kid friendly and family-oriented. There are always lots of kids on the playground or riding bikes. A couple of the kids on David's local t-ball team are also in his kindergarten class. It seems like there's a community event nearly every week of summer, and this year, for the first time, we did the camp-out in the nearby park. The kids played on the playground, we all had a barbeque and then sat around the campfire to sing songs and tell stories. Later, when it was dark, Kevin took the boys on a monster hunt. It's likely that we'll be doing it again next year!

The many parks are definitely community hubs, since most of them have either pools,basketball courts or other sports fields, or playgrounds. Activities include movies and music in the park, an Easter egg hunt, a Fourth of July parade (David and his friends ride their bikes in it every year), Christmas tree lighting (Santa rides in on a firetruck, naturally), and craft fairs. Many of these activities involve bouncy houses and water slides for the kids. We are known for our gigantic trick-or-treating event—people city-wide donate candy to the neighborhood since so many families come out to show off costumes and fill their treat bags.

Sometimes it seems like our house is one big kid playground. We have a lot of fun, and have just decided that the couches are best used for forts and that it's necessary to keep all of the Star Wars toys set up, just in case Darth Vader happens by. Right now Legos, Star Wars, army men, and animals are David's favorite pastimes. He often pretends to be a meerkat in his couch-fort, and we play right along. According to David, Daddy is better at Legos than Mommy, but Mommy makes the best Mickey Mouse pancakes. Our little guy is not shy about making his opinions known!

A big part of our family is sharing dinner every day. It's a bonding time to talk about what we did at work and school; both Kevin and Kimberly grew up with this tradition and want to pass it along as a family value. Sometimes Papa and Nana will join us, or we will go over to their house. Sometimes David forgets to eat—he is way too distracted by his Papa and the fun they have. For a treat we will skip a sit-down dinner and do pizza and movie night on the couch. David often requests a National Geographic episode—he's totally into animals right now.

We have a backyard with space for a garden, and have had some luck growing veggies. David loves to sample everything except for peas. Berries are harder for us to grow we only had two little strawberries this spring. But David is more than happy to help Papa and Nana with their harvest, and usually he eats every berry before they get in the house.

David is five and is in kindergarten! We had a lot of excitement and a few tears the first day of school—from both Mommy and David—but everyone is settling into a year of learning and play. The school is well-known for its parent involvement and great programs. We love our walks to and from school every day, and David's aftercare, called Discovery Club, is three times per week and tons of fun. Kevin helped chaperone a recent roller-skating field trip. David's Papa picks him up after school and takes him to activities like soccer or swimming. David and his Papa adore each other and both look forward to their times together.  When soccer season is over, Papa will pick David up to have some “boy” time at the hardware store and eat some not-Mommy-approved junk food.

Our lives are overflowing with local friends and family, but we always make time to travel to see those far away. A yearly destination for us is South Carolina, where Kimberly's parents and sister live; though they live fairly close to the beach, we rent a house right on the ocean and spend our days building sand-castles, mini golfing, fishing with Grandpa, or playing Legos or trains with Grandma. David has caught both a fish and a turtle, and likes to chase his mama around with the worms! Needless to say, he thinks that is hilarious. We always go to Hilton Head Island where there is a petting zoo; he's totally into animals so feeding the deer and goats is thrilling. We always do the pony ride, but soon he'll be old enough to do the real horse trails. We are looking forward to that— though we'll probably leave Kevin behind to hold down the fort. Horseback riding is not his thing!

Kevin's sister lives in Oregon with her husband and two little girls, and we visit several times a year. They live on some acreage with lots of wildlife and farm animals. The kids help Aunt Jenny collect the eggs, and there is one hen tame enough to hold; David is enthralled. Emma follows him everywhere; Ava is too little to walk but will soon be joining in the adventures. Jenny and her family come down at least once a year, and we make sure to go to the zoo, Fairy Tale town, or local amusement park when they are here. The kids love the animals and rides and Papa and Nana join as well.

Our area offers lots of festive things to do around the holidays. The pumpkin patch is a must—we pick out our pumpkins, get lost in the corn maze, and do the hay-ride.  Getting our Christmas tree is a day-long adventure. We drive about an hour to the mountains, where we cut a tree, do a holiday train ride, and drink lots of cider. The town has an old-fashioned hardware and candy store, as well as a craft fair, so there's no shortage of interesting stuff to check out. Most holidays we are in California with Kevin's family, and lots of cousins gather to share presents and a meal. There are at least ten little kids running around, so for the 4th of July we get a bouncy house and do water balloons. Last summer we threw about 1000 balloons! Everyone was soaked, but it was a fun way to stay cool. Christmas dinner is held at Nana and Papa's, and then everyone goes to visit Great-Grandma Bowman, who lives not too far away. Everyone seems to be on board with only buying presents for the kids and saving money instead for a big family vacation. Now we just have to decide where to go!

While both Kimberly and Kevin work full-time, a great perk of Kimberly's job is the company daycare. It's really wonderful—the kids have lots of outside time, activities, or holiday-specific events like office-wide trick-or-treating or caroling. There is nothing cuter than a bunch of preschoolers singing carols door to door in the office. It's a quick walk to the center for feedings and some cuddle time. 

For us, being parents has been the joy of our lives. David is a great kid, and he's going to be a great brother. He asks almost every day when the new baby will come home. He's already declared his intent to share toys, help feed the baby, give the baby baths, and hold him or her—but he draws the line at diaper-changing and is NOT going to help with that. After being around his newborn cousin, he asked if he can get a baby that doesn't cry! 

We are definitely ready to welcome our new little one into our home and hearts, and very much appreciate the gift of a child that adoption can give to us. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us and get to know our family, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Please email me directly at kimberly.bowman@smud.org for pictures.

~Kevin, Kimberly, and David.

Kevin Bowman

Kevin is the kind of guy who, when he goes to pick up David from aftercare, is mobbed by the kids. For some reason he is an absolute kid-magnet--he's even gotten a job offer before! He is definitely a fun dad—but makes sure to model polite and respectful behavior for David, and has taught him to hold doors open for ladies. Sometimes he and David will go to a construction site on the weekend, where they'll climb around on roofs, play-drive the big machinery, or slide down gravel piles. All not-mommy approved activities, and loads of fun!

Kimberly Bowman

Kimberly is a loving, doting mother. We spend lots of fun time playing with nerf guns, Legos, or hide and seek, but David is a great helper too. We bake cupcakes, and he helps me fix dinner or feed the pets. A favorite ritual is our Mommy-David dates, which is usually some playground time and then out to dinner, or riding bikes down to the school to see who can leave the biggest skid marks in the gravel. Sometimes we will go to the driving range as a family and David hits the ball very well. He's made some great shots when we do putt putt on our South Carolina vacations—he's even gotten a few holes-in-one!