Toni and I have been together for over 11 years, married for more than 5 years. We met in Detroit when we both worked for the same company and for Steve at least, it was love at first sight. We both are busy professionals in the work place so we try to spend as much time together outside of work as we can. We enjoy social events, sporting events, movies, going to the occasional play, socializing with friends, are always open to meeting new friends, and love traveling to places we’ve never been. During the summer months, we’ll ride bikes together through the local trails. But one of our most favorite things is a quiet evening together at home.

 We have lived in our house since 2013. We have one cat (Jack) and Dwayne (meet Dwayne in the photos below). We both have careers we’re passionate about, and feel grateful that they provide us with the opportunity to help others.

We both come from close-knit families who have been truly supportive in our decision to grow our family through adoption. Very early on in our relationship we openly discussed pursuing adoption should we be unable to conceive. Little did we know that all along this was God’s plan for us.

As future adoptive parents we plan to have an open dialogue about adoption and recognize the sacrifice that the birth family has made. We will provide a loving environment in which our child can grow up healthy and well-rounded, with opportunities to explore their own interests and develop their unique personalities. We look forward to meeting the parents that choose us, and will happily figure out how to structure an ongoing relationship between you and your child, if that is your preference. 

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and our journey.

Steve W

Steve is a hard working, goal-oriented person who values an education. He is the president of the neighborhood association and is also involved with the Finance Committee and Tech Teams at church, all while pursuing his Master’s Degree. He is easy to get along with, striving to find commonality with which to relate to people. He has a strong love for family, and enjoys spending time with them when he has the chance. He has a fondness for helping others any way he can; whether it be serving through the church, helping friends with financial planning questions and tax prep assistance, or donating to those who are in need and less fortunate. Steve enjoys a wide range of music genres from classic rock and Motown to today’s hits. He enjoys traveling with his beautiful bride. He makes valiant attempts at being a home-repair man, knowing his father-in-law’s help is only a short phone call away.

Toni W

Toni loves to laugh. She finds enjoyment and peace in the simple things in life. She is driven to pursue her passion for helping others through her employment and volunteering at church. Toni is known to attend the occasional dance party, even if she is the only one dancing. She loves her dance music and will ‘bust a move’ anywhere, including the local mall. Toni enjoys spending time with her family: she grew up in a tight, loving family. Her family has get-togethers at her grandparents’ house where all are welcome and you come as you are, even in pajamas. She finds strength in God and the friends in her life. She enjoys spending time outdoors, attempting to garden and going for bike rides. She likes to join Steve on travel adventures, preferably to tropical climates. She likes to cook and finds joy in seeing people come together for a good meal and a good time.