We have a wonderful, loving marriage.  We have both worked to build a strong marriage with open communication, where each feels valued & understood.  We are very family oriented, & long to share our love with another child.

Brian C

Brian is a loving husband & father.  He volunteers many hours as a youth coach, church group helper, as well as just playing with our boys in the backyard.  He works for a family friendly company that allows him to adjust his schedule to be at all the practices and games.  He is a caring husband, frequently doing things to make Angela's days easier.  

Angela C

Angela is a loving, caring wife & mother.  Her family is her first priority, & she often goes out of her way to make sure everyone feels valued & loved.  She volunteers many hours as a youth leader, sports team coach, as well as planning family activities.  She works from home so that she can be present for our children as much as possible.  She is a loving wife, a support to her husband.