Hi! We are Darwin and Efstratios from New Jersey! We are ready to give our unconditional love to a child and expand our family through adoption! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Even though we do not know you yet, we have a great deal of respect and admiration for you. We cannot begin to understand all that you are going through but our wish is that we can communicate to you through our story how ready, able, and inspired we are to share our love with a child. We have been together for nine years and have truly counted oursevles lucky as we consider each other to be soulmates. It has been such an exciting journey so far and we are ecstatic to take the next step!

Efstratios Monafis

Efstratios is a very caring husband. He is very organized. He is a great person and always helps everyone out, including my family and nieces and nephews, especially with things like homework which my brothers and sisters sometimes don't understand. He has the most patience of anyone that I know. He is a teacher and this is an essential skill that will very easily translate into parenting. I am so proud that he is my husband. He is so ready to be a father. He has so much love to give.

Eftsratios loves to cook, and clean, and maintain all the affairs of the home. He loves to play with Luna our dog. He enjoys walking Luna in the mornings and can't wait to have a child so all four of us can walk together. Anything I grow in the garden, Efstratios can take and turn into a great meal. He has introduced me to his love of travel and now we travel together. With him our house is not just a house but it is a home.

Darwin Reyes

Darwin is shy at first but quickly warms up to those around him. He has an amazing sense of humor and joie de vivre which he shares with everyone he knows. He is extremely devoted to his family, both his brothers and sisters, and his nieces and nephews. He also speaks with his parents, who live in El Salvador, everyday. Family is honestly the most important thing to him. Seeing him help his siblings raise their children has been very special. He is very eager to begin his own family. Darwin is unbelievably caring and I consider myself the luckiest person ever to have him in my life.

Darwin loves to watch movies and play games. He also enjoys gardening and fixing things around the house. He is a carpenter by trade and works with his hands all day long. He works very hard to provide for the family and makes sure he uses his skills to keep our home running smoothly as well. Darwin's front garden is his favorite hobby in the summer. He brings an enormous variety of flowers to life and make our home a paradise.