Adam and Marla are looking to further explore their desire to build their family through domestic adoption. Due to Marla's infertility, they are unable to have biological children.  But they feel excited about growing their family through adoption and are excited to provide a loving home to a child. Adam and Marla are eager to become parents and view adoption as a positive way to build their family through adoption. They are equally committed to adoption and are eager for a child to be placed in their home.


Throughout the home study process, Adam presented as calm and friendly. He easily engaged in conversation and actively listened when others were talking. He describes himself as introverted and easy going. Adam explained that he enjoys to spend time outside, woodworking, working with his hands, camping, and spending time with Marla. He reports enjoying his job and being thankful for his marriage.

Marla describes Adam as being gentle, affectionate, compassionate, thoughtful, flexible, smart, happy, kind, energetic, and having a good sense of humor. She states that she is thankful for their healthy marriage, their shared values, and ability to work together.


Throughout the home study process Marla presented as calm, hospitable, and friendly. She easily engaged in conversation with this worker and actively listened when others were talking. Marla describes herself as being a balance of introverted and extroverted and likes to be organized and efficient. Marla shared she enjoys spending time with friends, time with Adam, photography, exercising, cooking, gardening, and canning. Marla shared that she enjoys her job, is thankful for her marriage, and is excited to become a mother.

Adam describes Marla as friendly, dependable, honest, happy, thoughtful, supportive, compassionate, and appreciative. She is thankful for their stable marriage, their shared values and perspectives, and their ability to work together.