Hi there! If you're reading this, then first of all let us say thanks in advance for considering us.  We are excited to share about ourselves with you, and hope this profile gives you a good idea of who we are. Really though, we are excited about YOU! Whoever you are, the fact that you're reading this probably means you're facing some big decisions.  We cannot tell you enough how much we think about you every day, wonder who you are, and can't wait to meet you and have an open, caring, and supporting relationship with you.

We like to say that we're "just a couple of nerds in love".  But really we're just a happy, crazy-in-love couple who is looking to start a family and believe that adoption is the way we're supposed to do that.  Fertility issues led us here, but once we started considering adoption, we saw that it was meant to be for us all along.

We have a happy little life, in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN, where we enjoy brisk winters and temperate summers, with our dog Cooper.  Let's be honest, we all know he really rules the roost!  We enjoy taking the dog to the park, attending church with our friends and family, having "adventure dates" where we try new things, and reading quietly together in the evenings. 

Most of all though, we just enjoy being around each other.  I guess you could say we're each other's best friends and biggest fans.  We can't wait to add a child to our family, making us into a little party of three.  We have so much love in our hearts, and we want to share that with a child, giving them a lifetime of love, support, encouragement and acceptance. 

So, as you read through our profile, we hope you get a sense of  the kind of parents we hope to be someday.    Thanks again for considering our family, and please know that even though we don't know you yet, you're in our hearts, thoughts and prayers daily. 

All our best wishes & encouragement, Craig & Trinette

Craig Johnston

All About Craig, By Trinette:

I know this sounds cliche, but you know that phrase "To know him is to love him"? Well I'm pretty sure it was written about Craig. Craig is one of those rare people that when people hear his name they always say he is the nicest guy they know. And it's true! Even after years of marriage, he still surprises me with how patient, kind, and selfless he is.  Being generous and caring is second nature to him - he just doesn't know how to be any other way.  He is amazing!

But Craig is also one of the hands-down, drop-dead, funniest people ever! Every day he keeps me on my feet with his wit and sense of humor.  From telling "dad jokes" to having a good appreciation for classic comedies, to always looking on the sunny side of life, Craig's humor is such a strong part of who he is.


Five Things To Know About Craig:

  1. He has an exceptional work ethic.
  2. He is always punctual.  He honestly showed up for our first date an hour early, and I made him come back on time.  He still married me after that, so what does that tell you about how nice he is?
  3. He knows ALL the movie quotes!
  4. He is the KING of making breakfast.  No one can make a stack of waffles or a Denver omelet like Craig can.
  5. He holds the door open for people wherever he goes. 


Things Craig Loves:

  • The movie Forrest Gump
  • Nachos
  • Spending time up north at the cabin
  • Game Of Thrones - the show, but especially the books
  • From the Pixar movie "UP", the old man, Carl Frederickson
  • His Grandma's blueberry cheesecake bars



Trinette Johnston

All About Trinette, by Craig:

Trinette is the love of my life and being with her has made my life complete.  The first time I met her, I was swept off my feet by her beauty, intelligence and sense of humor. She has such a loving heart for others.  She is always looking for ways to help other people, and is willing to sacrifice her needs for others as well.

Trinette is going to be a fantastic mother! Seeing her around children is amazing.  She is a terrific aunt to our two nieces and one nephew.  They light up when they see her and you will find them dragging her off to play games or activities as soon as they see her.  Trinette is patient, funny, and loving with all children.

She also has a deep compassion for things that are innocent in this world. Her favorite things are babies and animals.  She cares so much about people or animals that have no one to stand up for them or protect them.  This shows the kind of person that Trinette is. She has such a big heart.


Five Things To Know About Trinette:

  1. She always shouts "baby goats" or "puppies" when she spots them
  2. She always thinks of others before herself
  3. She is a great hostess for friends and family, especially with her delicious cooking
  4. She does a hilarious Russian accent
  5. She knows just as many movie quotes as Craig does


Things Trinette Loves

  • The beach - the sounds of waves on the shore, the salty sea smell in the air, being at the edge of an ocean.

  • Christmas - it's her favorite time of year and she loves everything about it

  • Target runs - double points if there's a Starbucks attached

  • Singing in the car.  As loud as she can.

  • Rainy days - they're just another reason to cuddle up inside with a blanket, book and some hot cocoa.