George and I have been married for four years. George is a lawyer and Angela is a recent stay-at-home mom. Angela’s career is in corporate marketing but she decided to be a stay-at-home mom when our biological daughter, Gloria, turned 1. (She will be 3 in July.) Our family enjoys music, travel, good food, and the outdoors. We’ve dreamed of being a family of four so we have lots of room in our hearts and our home for another precious child.

How we met:

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in August 2012, our mutual friend Jess organized a group outing at a major league baseball game (and we’re eternally grateful she did!) A group of about 20 of us met up for an afternoon of food, drink and baseball. The rest of the story has a different viewpoint, depending on whom you ask:

She Said…

For Angela, she’ll tell you that as soon as she walked into the restaurant and saw George, she was interested. It was an act of God (and a glass of wine) that empowered Angela to get enough courage to admit to Jess in a whisper, “George is definitely my type.” Well, word got back to George that he had the green light to proceed…and so he did.  They talked for the next few hours.  Because neither were into the ball game, but into each other, they were grateful for the rain delay, allowing more time to chat.  Finally, in the late afternoon, Angela had to leave so that she could attend her Book Club. Being the gentleman he is, George walked her to the train stop. Being the hugger she is, she gave him a nice goodbye squeeze.

He Said…

For George, he'll tell you that he immediately noticed a cute girl who was a burst of energy and beauty on an otherwise gloomy day. Angela was immediately intriguing and George couldn't help but ask all the big questions, knowing that he may have just met the woman with whom he'd spend the rest of his life.


Written by George:

One of the first things I noticed about Angela was her energy. She has a life force that compels everyone around her to be excited about whatever is going on.

Angela is and always has been smart. She (unlike me) was always dedicated to her studies and always focused on her future. Angela completed her assignments on time. She made sure she was at the top of her class. She made sure she was prepared for college, and then for graduate school, and then for her career. She’s always looking ahead and planning for the future. She is serious and logical, creative and flexible, determined and resolute.

Angela is incredibly curious. When we started dating, I learned that Angela was up for anything. We went to cool restaurants, took dance lessons, toured historical buildings, hiked in state parks, rode our bikes along the lake, volunteered at the church…we are always doing something new.

Angela is spiritual. When she and I met, Angela was teaching catechism at her church. I started attending services with her and we quickly began going to church together every week. We still do. Angela takes her religious life seriously and is always working to have a better and deeper relationship with God. She is and will always be the spiritual center of our family.   

Angela is a great mom and homemaker. I work a lot so Angela spends her time doing just about everything else. And she’s amazing at it! First, all of the basics are covered. Our house is always clean, the laundry’s always done, dinner’s always on the table, and the bills are always paid on time. Beyond that, though, Angela insists on providing an engaging, challenging, and educational home environment for our family. Whether it’s taking our daughter to the pool, the library, a museum, the playground, or some fun event, Angela is constantly looking for opportunities to expose Gloria to new experiences.


Angela loves fitness and works out six days a week. She never declines an opportunity to walk along the lakeshore, hike in the woods, or otherwise enjoy the outdoors. She also enjoys attending faith retreats and reading books related to spirituality.  When she has extra time, Angela volunteers for Friends of Foster Children and Operation Good Cheer, both organizations dedicated to helping children in need. Angela is our unofficial social director. She plans exciting day trips and coordinates vacations for our family. Angela also loves to host dinner parties at our home with family and friends.


Written by Angela:

Before I tell you about George, I have a confession to make about me. When I was single, I had really high standards. Like, super high. And I’m a bit of a nerd, so I created an extensive list of traits that I wanted in my Mr. Right. It was a four-page document, single-spaced, listing many qualities. Well, after many frogs, I finally found my prince, a man who had all the traits I was looking for and that is my dear husband, George.

George is a good man. He is nerdy like Harry Potter, brave like Indiana Jones, wise like Obi-Wan Kenobi and sweet like Forrest Gump.  He is honest, caring and fiercely loyal. His words are gentle and his hugs are kind.  I’m often amazed at his capacity to keep calm, even when life can sometimes get a bit stressful. He is my rock, my Superman.

At our wedding four years ago, I told George’s mom that I want to thank her for raising a good man. She taught him how to be a true gentleman. He opens doors, carries bags and offers to help with housework without complaining.


He loves his job as an attorney and he’s good at it because he cares about the people he is serving. He has a big heart and finds reward in helping others.  When he comes home after work and we’re having dinner as a family, George delights in sharing stories about his day, recalling the people he met and the challenges he faced. I’m grateful that he likes to share the details of his work and I often learn something from our conversations.


George is nurturing, patient and playful. Because of his musical talents, you can often find him in our sunroom, singing and playing piano or guitar. He loves to show our daughter how to press the piano keys or strum the guitar strings and he encourages her to sing and dance. Most nights, even if he had a long day at work, George will read a book or two at bedtime with our daughter. He prefers classic children’s books, like Dr. Seuss. George has great vocal range, so our daughter often giggles when she hears the variety of voices that her dad can deliver.


When he is not playing an instrument, George can be found listening to his favorite music, either Buddy Guy blues, Dave Brubeck jazz or the Beatles.

He is also incredibly tech-savvy. He can fix any iPhone glitch, computer problem, or TV malfunction. You name it, he can (probably) fix it. And the strange thing to me, he actually likes doing this! Often his family will call him for help and he never refuses, no matter how complex or time consuming the technical issue may be.