We met in 2007 in Oklahoma. Matt was bartending at a restaurant when Julie and her friends went out for a girls’ night – she was not prepared to meet her future husband! Matt wasn’t prepared either – he had already committed to the Air Force, and left five months later. But, we kept in touch and communicated using songs on MySpace (we are dating ourselves!). We got married in Hawaii in 2011. Now, Matt works for the Department of Homeland Security as an analyst and serves in the Air National Guard. Julie is a professor of French literature at a large university. We have traveled all over North America for our jobs: we’ve lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Maryland, Hawaii, and British Columbia, Canada! We are now happily settled in the Midwest. 

Together, we enjoy hiking, cycling, daily walks with our dog, traveling, and cooking. We are a silly, fun couple, and we love living life together. 

Our Home and Pets

We recently bought our little two-bedroom, two-bath bungalow, with a finished basement, a great backyard, and an amazing kitchen for people who love to cook! It is located in a well-established neighborhood in our city, with houses that are over one-hundred years old, of different styles and sizes and with beautiful old trees providing ample shade. We are steps from a well-manicured bike and walking path that connects to the hundreds of miles of trails in our area. We are also within walking distance of a fun gourmet grocery store, parks, great schools, and a delightful Caribbean restaurant. We have a fox-terrier mix, Atreyu (his name comes from the movie The NeverEnding Story), who we rescued while living in Hawaii. He is 28 pounds with a giant personality, and always keeps us laughing.    

What Led Us to Adoption

We always knew we wanted children, but discovered fairly soon after getting married that we were unable to do so the “conventional” way. We both have adopted family members, and know that adoption is the right and most exciting decision for us. We love kids and can’t wait to open our home and our lives to a precious baby!   

While we can’t begin to imagine what a rollercoaster of emotions you have probably been through to come to the decision you are facing, we want to say that we have so much respect for you. We are grateful that you’ve taken the time to consider us as a loving family for your child, and we see this as the most precious gift a person can consider giving. You are making so many peoples’ lives brighter. We hope that we can provide you with the comfort and support you need, and the confidence that your child will live a fulfilling, fun, healthy life.  

Most importantly, we want this child to be surrounded by love. We want your child to know their story and to always know how much you love and care for them. We hope to keep in contact with you, if you wish, throughout your child’s life. Throughout our journey together, we have learned a lot about listening to and being there for one another. We plan on being there for you, as well. We are here to support you as you make your decision, and we want to welcome you and your child into our lives.


Julie loves yoga, reading, swimming, and spending time with friends. She also enjoys execise classes at the YMCA and riding her bike to work (when it’s not too cold or too hot). She thinks Atreyu, our dog, is the best dog in the world, and loves taking long walks with him. As a professor, Julie has summers and breaks where she does not teach, so she has a lot of time at home to spend with a baby. 

Julie grew up in Oklahoma, but lived in Paris with her family when she was in 7th grade - that is where she fell in love with French literature! Julie’s parents live in the St. Louis area, only 7.5 hours away, so we frequently visit them. Her younger sister lives in Philadelphia with her husband and their two cats, Pickles and Gherkin (the fermented cats). 


Matt is an avid soccer player and fan. He loves running, watching football and soccer, problem solving (math!), and listening to podcasts. Matt’s dad lives in North Carolina, and his mom in Tennessee, so that is where we usually spend the Christmas holiday season. He also has a stepmom and two stepbrothers. Matt always likes to push himself, and hopes to run an ultra-marathon in the next year or two, you know, because he’s nuts (in Julie’s opinion)!