Our love story has literally been a lifetime in the making. Not long after I was born, my mother, who was a school teacher, needed a babysitter. Her boss (the superintendent) just so happened to have a daughter who was almost due and was a stay at home mom. That woman is my mother-in-law. My husband was born 5 months after me and we continued to be a part of each other lives over time. After I unfortunately had a failed first marriage, which blessed me with my beautiful twin daughters, Matt and I reconnected and the rest has been heaven. We are best friends and love every moment we get to spend together, especially having family fun with our girls. While we are truly blessed with the twins, we feel there is a part of our family still missing. Due to some past health problems, which have been resolved thanks to a brand new kidney, I am left unable to have any children of my own. My sweet husband missed all the firsts with the girls, and would love nothing more than to have a little boy to call his own. We are not planning to use an adoption agency. We have an adoption lawyer on standby should we need to start the adoption process.

Matthew Pringle

Matt Is an internet sales manager at a large car dealership and has an outstanding work ethic. He is very athletic and recently ran his first 5k as well as joining his company’s rowing team. As much as Matt strives to be the best at everything he does, his favorite thing is being a daddy to my twin daughters. He’s their hero. Although he had no experience as a dad, he stepped up when we got married and has filled the dad role so well. He taught them how to ride their bikes without training wheels and took them on their first daddy/daughter date nights to teach them how they should be treated. And of course they love to play rough when mom is gone, because I don’t allow roughhousing. But as soon as I come home, I hear nothing but giggles from the three of them. Nothing would make Matt more happy then to add a baby boy to our family. He missed all the firsts with the girls, and he also wants a chance to have a little boy to teach all the boy stuff to. 

Holly Pringle

I’m currently a stay at home mom and homeschool my girls. Growing up I always wanted to get married and have a little family, and luckily I was blessed with my twin daughters from my first marriage. Unfortunately, when Matt and I got married, we were hit with the bad news that I could no longer carry a child, which was absolutely heartbreaking for me. I didn’t feel like my family was complete yet. I love having girls, but I would love to have a baby boy to share my love with as well. In my spare time, I take a few little acting jobs just for fun, but my favorite thing to do is just be home with my family. It would be a massive understatement to say I love being with my family. Family is everything to me and my husband. I hope to be able to share my love with a special baby boy out there very soon.