Hi! We are Julie, Adam and Ryan, and we are so excited to start this journey of adoption, again! We very much apprectiate you taking the time to view our potential parent profile. Adam and I met in college and have been together ever since! Adam moved to my home town to be with me, and we have created a wonderful life together. We have moved a couple of times, but have settled in the perfect little house, where it feels like home. A few years ago, we adopted our son, Ryan. He brings such joy and happiness into our lives, and we are so lucky he came into ours. We have come to LOVE being this little boys parents, and we can't wait to do it all over again to another little one. We have so much love in our hearts for another child, and we have so much love for you as well. We can not fully appreciate and understand what you're going through, but please know you are on our minds and in our hearts and we would be very blessed to meet you and your child. If you're interested in getting to know more about us, please contact our Adoption Agency: Adoption Star Buffalo


Julie Tucker

My name is Julie Tucker and I come from a good family. My mom and I are pretty close, and she is a great grandmother to my son Ryan. My mom and dad split up with I was younger, I am not as close with my Dad, as he lives in another state and we havent had as close of a relationship as I would have liked, but he is still in my life as well as Ryans life, he loves his Grandpa! I have a sister as well, who is also adopted, and we are close and she is the best aunt to my son. I went through school all the way up to Jamestown College where I got an associates in Musical Performance. I currently help out with me and my husbands business, we run a martial arts/fitness studio. I am mostly a stay at home mom, and do all the administrative/social media for the business. I put most of my effort into being the best mom and wife I can be first and foremost, family and friends mean everything to me.

Adam Tucker

My name is Adam Tucker. I come from a fairly stable childhood, but my parents split up when I was very young. My mom suffers from a bipolar disorder, but she treats that with medication and we have a pretty stable relationship. I am close to my aunt and uncle who live in florida but not so much with my father. I went to school all the way up to getting a masters, and I currently have a full time job as a manager in retail as well as pursuing my passion of martial arts, I run my own martial arts/fitness studio with my wife, Julie. I love being a father and husband first and foremost and family comes first. I make sure I make enough time for them, no matter how busy or how crazy life gets.