We understand that a lot of love and caring goes into creating an adoption plan. We wish you well as you consider the options for you and your baby. We know you have a vision for the type of life you want for your child. By taking the time to look at our profile, we hope you begin to get a sense of who we are and the type of parents we hope to be
Eric is kind, smart, and easy-going. He has a playful, adventurous, and funny side too. Eric is very active and loves running, biking, and snowboarding. He swam competitively from elementary school through college and continues to practice with a master's level swim team. Eric has his PhD in Biology and currently researches skin cancer. He is teaching a stem cell class for undergraduates and loves it! Although he is very dedicated to his work, he always finds time for his family and friends. Children seem to see Eric as a human jungle gym. He is always up for giving piggyback rides or pulling the sled around the backyard. There is no end to his patience and love of play.
Cynthia is a patient, caring, and loving person. In addition, she is conscientious, outgoing, and a natural with children. When we go to a party, you can always find her playing with the kids. For two years, Cynthia was a full-time nanny for two young girls. She then received her Master's Degree in School Psychology and currently works with high school students as a college admission counselor. Cynthia enjoys being active. She regularly practices yoga and loves running, traveling, and snowshoeing. Cynthia cares about her community and is a trained mentor.