we are Eric and Kristen and we are thrilled by the possibility of becoming parents through adoption. During this time, as you consider adoption as one of your options, we would like to share with you our story. We hope that our profile conveys what is most important to us: our families, our friends, and the love and respect that we have for one another. We welcome the opportunity to share in your journey and fulfill our dream of building our family through adoption! May you find strength and courage as you choose your path forward.
When I first met Eric I was immediately drawn to his easy-going personality. He is warm, caring, intelligent and genuine. He is strong and dependable too. I adore his laugh and his playful sense of humor. Eric gives freely of his time to help others with computer advice, small projects or whatever they may need. He is also amazing with kids who are never shy around Eric. Eric's loving, patient and compassionate personality will make him a wonderful father.
Kristen is my wife and best friend. She continues to amaze me everyday with how hard she works towards her goals. She is kind, understanding, considerate, and always thinking of the needs of others. Children naturally gravitate towards Kristen as the 'fun one,' but she is also easily able to direct their energies towards enjoyable and productive activities. This has allowed me to see first hand how wonderful of a mother Kristen will be.