We are Candace and Adam. Thank you for reading our adoption profile. As hard as this process must be for you, we hope that you can somehow find comfort and peace of mind through these pages. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Our hope is that just one, or maybe many of our pictures and words can capture not only who we are, but what we feel, what we dream of... and how we long to have a child as a part of our lives. Hopefully you will get a sense of our personalities and values as well as what kind of parents we will be.
Adam is such a wonderful, caring, loving, thoughtful, fun and hardworking man. He is the kindest, most sensitive and compassionate man I know. He is that guy that no one ever has a bad thing to say about. He would take the shirt off his back for anyone. He is an amazing son, brother, friend and husband and I know he is going to be an incredible father. Adam loves to play the drums, listening to music and sports (pretty much every one but especially hockey, football, baseball and golf). He is a huge dog lover and enjoys playing and coaching hockey, kayaking, hiking, bike riding, fishing and playing tennis. Adam enjoys growing organic veggies and herbs at our small local business that we do on the side. He is also a great cook! There is nothing like a guy that can cook. Adam is such a natural with kids! He is so great with our nieces, nephews and all of our friends' children. They all love and adore Uncle Adam! Adam is truly meant to be a dad. As a father, he will be involved, attentive, playful, forgiving, understanding, respectful and incredibly loving." - Candace
Candace is so excited to adopt and she can't wait to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. Children are drawn to Candace...she has such a way with them! Candace lights up when children are around her-literally! The glow and light that she emanates when she walks into a room is like nothing I've ever seen. Her love of children is evident by the endless affection she extends to the children in our immediate families, to our friends' children and to her baby goddaughter, Fallon. Candace is the heart and spiritual center of the family. She surrounds herself with love and beauty inwardly and outwardly. Not only is Candace beautiful on the outside, she is just as beautiful on the inside. She is intelligent, kind, funny, caring and talented. She lives life to the fullest and enjoys every moment. She is so much fun to be around and she makes me laugh every day! Candace is also an amazing cook. She loves to entertain and make delicious meals for our family and friends. But for all of Candace's