we are Stephen, Bonnie, & Colton. We are extremely excited about our second journey of adoption and eagerly look forward to the expansion of our family. We feel that considering adoption is the most pure and honest kind of love a person can give. While we can't imagine what it is like to be in your position right now, we truly appreciate the care you are taking in making your decision. We invite you to read our adoption profile and hope that the following pages will help you get to know us a little better.
Stephen, Bonnie
Steve is passionate - he is passionate about our home, our families, his work . . . and most of all about Colton and me. He also has a wonderful sense of humor, but the best part about Steve is his passion for the three of us. Every day he shows me he loves me just for being me. All of our friends and family think Steve is one of the most extremely helpful people they know. He is always the first to be willing to lend a helping hand - be it in the kitchen, assisting a neighbor, or chopping wood with his dad. Steve, along with his mom and dad, work in their family business in the construction industry. Steve operates many different aspects of the company. One of his favorite things is when he is in the large earth moving machines. Steve is an amazing father - Colton is pretty sure he hung the moon! My favorite part of each day is looking at Steve when he has Colton in his arms. He is meant to be a father and his love is so purely expressed when he has Colton with him. I could sit and watch the two of them play for hours. Steve shares his passion for life with Colton, whether it is playing on the floor, swinging out back, or taking him golfing. His 'kid at heart' attitude keeps our marriage fun, and he makes a point to bring joy to each day.
Bonnie is beautiful - not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is full of love and generosity on the inside. Her unconditional love for Colton, for myself, for our family and for our friends is what truly makes her special. The moment Colton was born and Bonnie became a mom, I watched her whole world come together. She surrounded her arms around the gift of our son, and her world slid into a peace that has no bounds. It is like every day of her life was leading up to this moment. Bonnie beams when she is with Colton and loves teaching him new things and exposing him to new experiences. We are very thankful that Bonnie works only part time, which allows her to be home with Colton the majority of the time. Those days that Bonnie is working, her parents can't wait to spend the day with Colton! Bonnie loves to sew in her pastime and has created a very lovely home. She has planted beautiful perennial gardens all around our house, and she puts in a big vegetable garden each year. Bonnie is a wonderful cook, she loves experimenting with new vegetables and trying new recipes. Bonnie adores her niece and nephews. You can often find her stopping after work to swim with them at her parents' pool, or off to the rodeo with her niece or other great adventures. Bonnie's smile can light up a room for anyone - she stole my heart from the first smile. She has a huge network of friends and family and everyone loves having Bonnie in their lives. She is generous and kind and is often the one people turn to for advice and guidance.