We are Bridget & Peter from New York City! We are moved by your courage to explore an open adoption for your baby. We hope that the enormous love that has set you on this journey to find a caring and nurturing family for your child will sustain you as you make this exceptional leap of faith. With these words and photos, we wish to share with you some of our adventures so far in life. Our large, supportive families and our homes are filled with all the warmth, security, fun, learning, laughter, and love that we are ready to share with a child.
I have respected Bridget from the day we met, and I love her with all my heart. She is deeply reflective and compassionate, and she understands the power of trust. Bridget brings her whole self everywhere she goes. She is sensitive but never hides her intelligence. I admire her independence of mind, and I depend on her strength. Bridget is a great giver of courage, of big hugs and kisses, and she's a world-class giver of gifts. She is the rough-houser in our family: tussling, cuddling, giggling and playing airplane with our 12 nieces, nephews and godsons. Most importantly, Bridget is utterly sincere. She applies herself honestly to our marriage, to herself and to everyone we love. To know Bridget means meeting her heart and mind; neither comes without the other. Maddy, age 9: 'Auntie Bridget has a lot of games and likes to have
I love and have always most loved Peter for his gentleness and his intelligence-wonderful qualities that are intertwined in Peter. When we met, I immediately liked Peter's easygoing-ness, his strength, and a sense I had of his goodness. Peter is thoughtful, both in the sense that he considers most things, and that he thinks about others. He has an enormous capacity for listening and understanding, which gives him a solidity and an equanimity that attracts other people. Peter is also hard-working and goal-oriented; he persists and follows through, and is very reliable. Peter has an amazing, calm way with kids: he draws pictures on demand, plays soccer and chess, and searches for toads while hiking. Everyone who knows Peter appreciates his dry, goofy sense of humor and how he finds clever ways to make people laugh. Ramona, age 7: 'Uncle Peter is really funny.' Nora, age 5: 'He's really, really, really funny.' Peter's Favorite Things: Bodysurfing Drawing & designing His birthday Making fires in the fireplace Buying books in the airport wherever he travels Pistachio & coffee double cones Rock