Blake and Melissa have just started the journey to adopt from China. They were blessed with beautiful identical twin daughters which are now 3 years old. Both Melissa and Blake have always dreamed of adopting a child since they were married 8 years ago. They have a niece named Natalie that was adopted from China in 2005 and she is now in a loving home and doing very well. She has brought so much joy into the lives of her adoptive parents that helped inspire Blake and Melissa's journey. They are looking forward to starting this journey for their family.  

Blake Lawson

Blake Lawson is one of the Co-Founders of his business CNC Jobs Inc. CNC Jobs is the leading employment source for manufacturing talent. Before Blake was a recruiter he was a flight instructor for Delta Airlines. After a layoff during econimic downturn he went back to his roots of manufactuing. He started CNC Jobs Inc. with his father and since that time has been growing the business in Lapeer, MI. 

He studied at both the University of Michigan and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. He has 3 sisters, one of which has a Ph. D in Latin American History. She began her career in Latin American History after completing a stint in the Peace Corps. 

Blake is a Catholic and  has always been family oriented. He comes from an Italian background and enjoys anything with Carbohydrates. 

Melissa Lawson

Melissa Lawson works with her husband as a Technical Recruiter for CNC Jobs Inc. Because she has twin girls that are not in school yet she works remotely from home. Melissa has always dreamed of having a big family and can't wait to bring another loving member to the family. 

Melissa comes from Greek descent and is the ultimate foodie. She loves to bake designer cakes and is exceptional at it. Melissa loves to travel and recently traveled to Rome, Italy with her husband and also took the twins to Disney World for the first time.