We met in 2009 and were married in Provincetown, Massachusetts in 2011.  We try to visit as often as we can in the spring and look forward to spending time walking along the beach, swinging a little one between us! We both teach and advise college students and share interests in pop culture, animals, social justice, politics, food, values, faith, philosophy, parenting, and general silliness. We both like to read and have already collected a number of books for our future baby, in hopes they will grow to love reading  and language as much as we do!  Kim earned a Master of Arts in Communication and Paula earned her Master of Arts in Composition and Rhetoric (and will soon finish her doctorate), so we definitely value education.  We live in the Midwest and enjoy attending local fairs and festivals, traveling across the country and the world, and spending time with the people we love.  We try to spend as much time as we can with family and our close circle of friends and their children, who we often refer to as our “family of choice.”  We want our baby to grow into an independent and confident adult who adds to the diverse interests and experiences of our immediate and extended families!