Dear Birthmother,

We are excited and even more honored that you are taking the time to learn about our family and the love that we have to share with your child. We can only imagine the strength and courage that you must have to choose the path of adoption and are so grateful for the love you are showing to your child through this process.

Jake and I have spent the past few years overseas in South Korea. Jake is a soldier in the Army and I have been working as a kindergarten teacher. For a few years, we kept our attention on doing the best we could at our jobs and building our relationship together. We added a puppy to our family, and despite our slightly obsessive love for him, we still feel that we are missing a piece of what our family should be. We are hoping that, through adoption, we can begin to grow our family into what we've always dreamed it could be.

Thank you for taking the time to look through our profile. We hope it gives you a good idea of who we are and how much we would love your child. We feel honored to be sharing a little bit of ourselves with you. 

Jake and Kayla


Jake and I were college sweethearts. We started to spend time together with mutual friends, but there was a chemistry between us that we couldn't ignore. Regardless, Jake dragged his feet in expressing his interest and we didn't start dating until 2 years later. 

We dated for 2 years and were engaged for another year. In 2011, we got married and I moved to meet him in South Korea. We've now also lived in to Richmond, VA and Colorado Springs. Wherever we live, home is where we're together. 

We make a good team. There's something about being opposites that makes us stronger. For example, Jake is an adventurer and he pushes me to try new things. I am outgoing so I help us to socialize and meet new people. Sometimes it seems like we are from two different planets, but we always work toward common goals. We try to be kind, generous, and loving towards others. We both work hard in careers that are very challenging. And most importantly, we agree that we are ready to start building our family and hope that we will find a baby in our arms soon.



Jake is a thoughtful and loyal husband. Sometimes when I think he isn't listening, he's actually making a mental note so he can surprise me later by remembering. He is very smart also. He has degrees in chemical engineering and international relations. Currently he works as a soldier, helping soldiers to get paid correctly for their service. I'm convinced that he could do anything!

Most people see Jake as introverted, but that's not who I see at home. When I leave my 5-year-olds at school, I expect to go home to a grown up, but I find him prancing through the house. He makes up and sings songs to our puppy. When he rides in the car as the passenger, he pretends he's in a rocket ship with sound effects as he presses the hazard button. Jake is a TOTAL GOOFBALL! There is never a dull moment with Jake. He is willing to try the most adventurous things and makes the most of every experience. When we have a family, his kids will adore him.


Kayla is a wonderful, outgoing, and loving person who is amazing with children.  She is a kindergarten teacher who takes great pride in her work and gets to spend everyday with young children.  She loves teaching, reading, holding, and playing with our family and friend's kids.

Although she claims to be shy, Kayla is actually very outgoing and friendly to everyone.  She pushes me to go new places, meet new people, and try new things.  I love this about her.  She pushes me, and everyone she meets, to be a better person.

Kayla will make a wonderful mother.  Her naturally maternal personality mixed with her  caring and giving spirit ensures that any child brought up in our home will receive her unconditional love and support.  I love Kayla for all she has to give and know that she will make a great mother for your child.