We are a young, fun loving, Christian family and we're very excited for the opportunity for our family to grow through adoption! 

We have been married for four years and have a stable marriage. We have many outdoor hobbies including biking, hiking, exploring, photography, canoeing, disc golf, gardening, camping and horseback riding. We enjoy spending quality family time together. We make it a priority to eat as many meals together around the table as possible. 

We adopted our daughter in 2013. She is very fun and spunky. She loves to play outside with our cats and dogs and do whatever mom and dad are doing. Lately she's been very interested in babies and other children. She would love to "help" care for and love on a little brother or sister!

We live in a rural area a few miles from a small town. We live in a beautiful valley filled with trees and wildlife. We often see deer and turkeys, and the occasional bear, moose, or elk from our front porch. We have a large, comfortable house on several acres. Jalyn loves animals, so we have dogs, cats, many chickens, and a goat. 



Justin has an outgoing, fun loving personality. He has many hobbies, including photography, technology, and almost anything outdoors. He is a special education teacher at a local elementary school and genuinely cares for his student's wellbeing and education.  


Jalyn is kind and compassionate. She is a stay at home mom to our daughter and plans to stay at home with a new baby also. She speaks Spanish and is teaching our daughter to speak Spanish also. Jalyn loves animals and continues to add pets to our small hobby farm.