Our love story is not a traditional one. We met, and fell in love, all because of a motorcycle! I had seen a very nice bike posted online in 2010 and mentioned to the owner that I liked his bike and his smile was nice too.  That started an online and telephone conversation for over a month. The minute we met we just knew. There was no conversation. We just became. In 2012, we took our vows to each other and to each other’s children. Johnny is a U. S. Army Veteran and drives heavy haul and has a route that brings him home every week.  April is a psychology student and is an independent contractor for a mortgage company as well as a business consultant.  We have been together for a bit over five years, but it feels as if we’ve always known each other. We parent together with respect and love for each other and our kids.

As a team, we teach our kids values, morals and have open conversations about whatever religion they choose to pursue.  Our household is very eclectic.  We have different ethnic groups and different religions in our home and all are welcome and appreciated.  We do not consider any of the children step-children, just that we have three boys who are grown and living on their own, and one daughter still at home. Johnny and I have a variety of interests and are always willing to learn from each other and the kids. Johnny enjoys being outside on the bike, fishing, and swimming. April also likes being outside with the family, gardening, and cooking.  We are both willing to try the others activities.  We are also active in our local 4-H club with our daughter who has a variety of projects.

Johnny and I would like to thank you for reading our letter and getting to know us through our pictures.  We look forward to joining you on this journey and while our home is to offer a wonderful option for your baby, we also appreciate the chance to build a relationship with you as well. 

Johnny Skalsky

Written By April

Simply put, Johnny is amazing! When we met he jumped right in getting to know me and my two kids. He gave them whatever amount of closeness they wanted. Now, five years later, they call him ‘Pops’ and love him unconditionally.  He is also a wonderful father to his sons.  Johnny is a family man who isn’t afraid to try new things or to view them differently through the eyes of our daughter who is on the high-functioning end of the Autism spectrum.  Johnny is very peaceful in nature, which was one of the things that attracted me to him! He can listen quietly but you know he is actively listening. He knows when his words are what is needed or if all that is needed is a hug and some empathy. 

April Skalsky

Written By Johnny

April is a godsend. She, from day one, has been loyal, a friend and a mother. She has seen fit to show me that there is more to life than giving and taking. Life with April is a never ending learning experience. April is an awesome mother and wife. She has shown me that a woman can listen and understand that there more to life that just getting by. Her words and actions are true. She accepts me for who I am, and she cares deeply about the important things in life such as family, home, and being thoughtful as to what others have to say. I am a very lucky man to have met her. Her love and compassion is unconditional.