Long before we even met, we each knew we wished to bring home an adoped child some day.


We are a family who have set out to serve the world. We have a home that is built on loving and raising children and helping them to become people who have been loved, and so may go forth and love generously. This mission has already begun as we have watched our almost 5 year old son, Sammy, thrive and grow into a cheerful, social, intelligent child who loves to be with people and wants very much to be a brother! :) We are hoping that by way of adoption we may help provide a home to a child and birth mother in need, and hoping that such an adoption would fulfil our own heart's desire likewise. 

We love travel, learning, reading, and being in nature. We value service, education, and inclusion. 

These different passions and values have led us to serve as international teachers in the past. We taught in international schools in Indonesia and South Korea before returning to the U.S. to settle down more long-term. Here, we have directed our mission toward inclusive education in the US (Eric is working on his PhD in Inclusive Education now, and hopes to make a difference on this front soon! Christine continues to home school Sammy and has expanded this home school to serve other children as well). 

When we are able to bring another child home, it will be the fulfillment of our long-standing desire. Both of us, when we were in high school, long before we met, had decided that we would some day like to provide a home for a child who needed one. Today, we have been blessed with the ability to fulfill that dream. We wish more than anything to serve a birth mother and her child by ensuring a stable, warm, caring home in which the child may grow and reach his or her potential. In so doing, not only would we be providing for the child, our own Sammy would be fulfilled in his desire to be a brother, and we ourselves would be fulfilled in our long-standing hope to be adoptive parents. 

Eric Moore

Eric "Dad" Moore - An Inclusive Teacher 

Eric grew up between inner-city Chicago and suburban Grand Rapids, MI. Growing up, he was a "pastor's kid," as his parents modeled community service and restoration through the church and through social work, respectively. 

As he became an adult, Eric stepped into a role as a teacher and never looked back. He has taught literature, philosophy, drama, and Bible on four continents to many hundreds of students. Many of his students still stay in touch because of the wonderful relationship he had with them. As a teacher, Eric believes in inclusion. That is, he thinks everyone can learn and recognizes that everyone learns in their own way. The teacher's job, in his mind, is to figure out how to help students learn in the way that makes sense to them. To this end, Eric has worked his way through higher education, earning a masters degree with honors, and is well on his way to a PhD in inclusive education practices. He hopes to serve as a professor, training the next generation of educators to how to make classrooms in which EVERYONE is welcome and equipped to learn in their own way. 

Eric loves spending time with Sammy, and you'll often find them out hiking, fishing, playing "tackle" or reading together. He is an avid outdoorsman and hopes to pass this love on to his children. 

Eric hopes above all to make a lasting postive impact on the world through his work, his family, and his life. 


Christine Moore

Christine "Mom" Moore - A Loving Mother 

Christine has had a heart for children and adoption from a very young age.  She started teaching piano lessons as a high school student, and involved in the children's program at church, as well as several mission projects and trips.  She studied psychology and music in college, but ended up becoming a teacher after moving overseas.  She taught first grade and early childhood, and has a tremendous passion for early childhood education.

Aside from her job as a preschool teacher and child care worker, Christine loves spending time with her son Sammy, and hopes to pass on her love of art and music to him.  She enjoys using her experience as an educator, traveler, and artist to enrich the lives of Sammy and the other children she teaches.

Christine is a devoted mother who has a gift and a passion for loving and teaching young children.