Welcome to AdoptDirectly.com a new innovative global website that provides hopeful adoptive couples a powerful tool to assist them in achieving their adoption goals.

AdoptDirectly was designed and developed in partnership with the National Adoption Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that helped over 6000 adoptive parents over the past 20 years.

The National Adoption Foundation was founded by Adoptive parents who understand the needs and challenges of those looking to adopt a child. In addition, the foundation was the recipient of the "Angels in Adoption" award, which enables Members of Congress to nominate a constituent for their outstanding contributions in adoption, foster care, and child welfare community arenas.

Some of the benefits of listing your profile on AdoptDirectly:
  • AdoptDirectly enables you to instantly showcase your family attributes to the many families, pregnant women and or adoption agencies that are seeking a loving caring family for a child.
  • AdoptDirectly is a very affordable tool, thus allowing even those on a limited budget to enjoy the many benefits AdoptDirectly offers.
  • AdoptDirectly gives you complete control over what information is visible to everyone and what information will require a password.
  • AdoptDirectly allows you to point your very own domain to your profile. This feature will give you a chance to send users directly to your profile without them seeing any other listings or any visible mention of AdoptDirectly.

When you submit your listing to AdoptDirectly you automatically qualify for the National Adoption Foundations grant program. If you are selected for a grant the NAF will contact you. Grants are between $500-$2000.

Option 1 $29.95 Billed Monthly, Cancel Anytime Online. Option 2 $69.95 Billed Every 6 Months, Cancel Anytime Online. This option Saves You over $100 Over the Monthly $29.95 Option!